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Junior Developer Candidate

Junior Developer Candidate

GeoPerformans is looking for multiple Junior Developer Candidates with the curiosity and enthusiasm of geospatial web application development experience. The ideal candidate is a true free software enthusiast, an analytical person with an attention to detail, a critical thinker, and an efficient worker. The successful candidates will be able to work closely with others through cross-team collaboration.

GeoPerformans will provide all on the job training to the successful candidates.

Preferred Key Qualifications:

Enthusiasm about searching for right answers, hunger for learning, decision making skills based on education. Candidates are expected to respond well to constructive criticism, and collaborate with co-workers when necessary. Cooperation in a team setting and contribution to group discussions are also expected. Candidates must work well with modern development environments.

Fluency in English is required.

Bachelors degree in STEM is also required.

Experience in building user interfaces for websites and/or web applications is a plus.

Experience with GIS and Remote Sensing is preferable.

Job Type:



Bachelor's (at least)

The candidate will be responsible for:

Development and maintenance of web applications, using free & open source technologies as a junior developer,  
Documentation of projects & software applications,  
Solving of the problems due to coding.

Skill Level:



Bilişim Vadisi, Gebze